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Colors, Colors, Colors!!!

Hello everyone,

while surfing a came across a post that intends  to help authors explore color vocabulary. This is a handy writing tool for everyone so I decided to share it with you.






Revised Pink_Color Thesaurus







P.S. You may find this amazing original post here.



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Can a death of a character evolve your story?Death of Laurel Lance and Fin Michaelson

During last week, two of the main characters of 2 shows that I love and I watch every week died.

One is Laurel Lance from Arrow and the other is Fin Michaelson from the Originals.

I really like both characters and the dynamic they bring to each of the shows.

Today’s post is to share my thoughts on a character that has to die in order the plot to evolve. I have shared with you, that I like writing stories and even more based on these 2 “deaths”, I stopped and wondered how a death can help a story.

Even though I will really miss Laurel and Fin, losing somebody can be a strong motive for your remaining characters. What is important is not always to have your characters throughout your whole book, story, series etc , but also to know when to let them go. Keeping balance is not always easy but it is really important.

For example Laurel left at a point where she had accomplished so many things, had the chance to reunite with her family, expressed her true feelings to Oliver (for more see the video below and grab some tissues). Fin’s death on the other side, gave us the chance to see once again a more sensitive side of Klaus, the everlasting power of family and the more human side of Kol.

Having said all the above, if you are a writer or a wannabe writer choose the right time to let a character go and remember that even when a character is not physically present, it can play a significant role to your story.

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Book review “The Conspiracy of Us by Maggie Hall

Title of book: The Conspiracy of Us (The Conspiracy of Us, #1) 

Author: Maggie Hall 

Genre: YA international thriller (part of a trilogy)

Release Year of release: 2015

Version that I’ve read or listened to (Book, Audiobook etc): Audiobook

Part of a series: Yes, the “The Conspiracy of Us” 

Active author at social media and internet in general (blog, website etc): Yes

Book cover: Amazing! Easy 9 out of 10

Main characters: Avery, Jack and Stellan

Summary of the book

Avery West is almost 17 years old and she lives with her mother. They often change where they live due to her mother’s job or so Avery believes! During her prom, she surprisingly finds out that from her father’s side, who she has never met in her life but she has never actually lost her fate of meeting, is part of a powerful secret society. This society is called the Circle and the girl with the purple eyes, our main character, is part of an ancient prophecy that will increase the Circle’s power. The dynamics between the Circle are quite interesting. Everyone wants to use Avery, in a different way throughout the book, some will stand by her side or pretend to, some will want her dead. As this wasn’t enough, the Circle is threatened by another organization, called the Order.

Having said that, in the first few chapters of the book, Avery travels across Europe to finally meet her dad, but as the story continues she puts all of her efforts to solve the mystery of the prophecy. Avery travels across countries in order to find clues and during her journey, she has Jack and Stellan with whom a love thriangle will start to develop.

Note 1: Jack and Stellan work for these Circle’s families.

Note 2: If you like love triangles, “Map of Fates”, (book #2 from the Conspiracy of Us series) will reward you.  

 Strong Elements of the book 

  • The book is fast-paced. The chapters of the book are not really big. That helps the reader understand more easily the plot and it does not become boring.
  • I like books that are part of series. This one is part of a trilogy.
  • As a big role in the plot play Achilles, Alexander the Great and his descendants and as I am Greek, I found that the historical details are given with respect to the history. Of course not entirely accurate, not by mistake but so as to help the plot evolve. Overall, the use of history and legends were a strong plus of the book.
  • The action scenes have reason for existence and they are described beautifully.
  • The characters are finding clue after clue and the story gradually unravels.
  • There are no unnecessary descriptions in the beginning of the book. Usually in books like this one, there are and I am not a fan of them. Ending of the book that keeps readers interest alive for the second book as well.

 Weak or less strong Elements of the book

I would have liked more details about the character’s personalities and analysis of their feelings as Avery, Jack and Stellan are going through so many changes in their lives throughout the book.

  • I would have liked Avery to have a stronger personality, a personality with more layers to explore.
  • Personally, if I were Avery, there would be no choice to make, I would choose Jack. But when it comes to her feelings, they are messed up, but without proper explanation as to how they started to exist for Stellan as well. Maybe her feelings for Stellan are more justified in the second book, but not in the 1st one in my opinion.
  • Stating that 2 world wars were practically orchestrated by the Circle is too much.
  • I would have liked at the end of the book a list of the members of the Circle, the 12 families. Maybe this is done at the actual book, but as I listened to the Audiobook, I have no way of verifying that.
  • Avery has a small age difference from Jack and Stellan. Having said that, the 2 boys seem to be way more mature than she is, without obvious reason.

 Favourite character:

 Definitely Jack.

 Did the story keep you guessing?

 Yes and sets a good base for the second part of the trilogy “Map of Fates” .

 Were certain types of scene written particularly well?

 Yes, action scenes.

 Did the book make me laugh or cry?

Laugh yes, cry no.

Did the story grip you and keep you turning the pages?

Yes. I finished the audiobook really fast.

Things to look forward in the next book:
As I firstly read the second book and then the first one when, I cannot answer this part. If I hadn’t done that, I would have probably mentioned:

  1. Trip to Greece and Delphi, because when you talk about prophecies there is no better place to involve and describe.
  2. More clues and treasure hunting.
  3. Stellan’s fans for sure would like more of him (and spoiler) they will get it.

Overall rating of the book.

8 out of 10.

P.S: You may also find my book review at my account at Goodreads .

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Audiobooks…My heaven!

Recently I came across a book cover that caught my attention.

Yes… Shame on me, but covers play a significant role so as to choose a book to read.

Then I saw that the book is part of a trilogy and this was the second book.

But for which trilogy am I talking about? The trilogy is written by Maggie Hall and contains the following books:

  1. The Conspiracy of Us (The Conspiracy of Us, #1) , published on January 13th 201
  2. Map of Fates (The Conspiracy of Us #2) , published on March 8th 2016
  3. Untitled (The Conspiracy of Us, #3) , expected publication 2017

book covers

I am not quite sure why, but I decided to start from the second book.

So far so good, but my spare time these past couple of weeks was been zero to none. So I decided to purchase their audiobooks and yes I am so grateful that audiobooks exist. Within 3 days I finished the second book and now I am in the middle of the 1st book!

Keep in mind that I will post a separate book review for both of the books (when I will have finished them both).

But why is this so special to me that I decided to write a blog post about it?

Apart from really liking these books, I decided to read a book or listen to an audiobook every week. It is an ambitious goal, but I will try to stick to it. I love stories and I adore analyzing and mixing them up in my mind. Please comment in case you have a book to recommend.

Until next time,




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Do you use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr and Google + ? Then you must read this.

Do you use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr and Google Plus.Then you must read this.

I just found this amazing graphic made by the team at and I thought I absolutely had to blog about it. Even if you use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr and Google + and you consider yourself an advanced user, at the end of the graphic you will be find yourself taking notes for their useful shortcuts.


Until next time, 




Social Media Keyboard Shortcuts


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Project: Gratitude Day 4

From chaos to Grace...

Some people have wonderful childhoods.  Full of everything wonderful.

Magic and unicorns.

And some children do not.

Wednesday, our 7th child officially moves into the house.  Our 4th foster child.

He is 14, and a boy.  It may as well be a death sentence for him in the world of foster care.  Very few people will take teenagers, much less boys.

He has had a really, really rough year.  And his struggles are not over.  School alone will be a massive challenge for him, and it’ll be his first real experience with school.

I lost count of his attempted suicide attempts this year.

So, on our weekly passes with him to bring him home with us to spend the night and go to church, I watch.

I wait.

A simple smile.

Gratitude Day 4 web

The sound of laughter that rings through the air, and echoes in my house.

For a foster parent, that…

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My prayers have been heard.

Hi all,

My prayers have finally been heard. So never give up. Misa and Prison break in general is back. As I have already shared with you , I adore Prison break and its actors, I was devastated when the show ended and I am thrilled that it will be back for its season 5. In order to “celebrate” these news, I have chosen to share with you 3 videos. The first one is about Misa (or Michael and Sarah) and the second one is dedicated to Michael amazing way of thinking and processing things. Last but not least, the 3rd one is a video from CW’s new series Legends of Tomorrow. This show will start on 2016 and two of its main characters will be Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller. During the interview, the 2 starts where asked about the possibility of a 5th season and that’s where it all started and our hopes were renewed. Now things are official and we will only have to wait a few more months. So to all prison break fans…Yeah, they are back!!!

P.S: Today’s featured photo was taken from this site.

Until next time,



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Blogging, Blogging, Blogging. My 6th assignment

Hi blogosphere.

The 6th assignment was to create and publish our About page, then either adapt it into a widget on our home page or add it to our menu.

Having already completed the first part, I had to add it to a widget. So I tried to sum up what I have written at my about page and the outcome is now available at the sidebar of my blog.

Hope you guys like it and find it useful.

Until next time,



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Blogging, Blogging, Blogging. My 10th assignment

Hi all,

so today and tomorrow 3 posts will be published. They are all part of this week’s assignments. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to complete all of them, so I will complete them throughout the weekend.

Our 10th assignment is to create a blogroll to share a few links we love. 

So let’s get to the juicy parts! Below you will find 3 blog posts from 3 blogs that I love and I of course follow. Enjoy!!!

1. It’s a post/ about page that is like I have written it (except form the part that I personally do not have or ever had a journal. Please read her blog. Everything she writes speaks to the heart. At least for me.

2. The second one is one of the first blogs that I’ve discovered ever since I joined wordpress. Iris, the blogger behind the just me has many talents and one of them is writing poems. So what I chose so as to share it with you is one of her poems.

3. Last but not least, a blog by a teenager. What caught my attention are a couple of sentences also at the about page (… well you know me… I try to analyze people).

“How am I going to do this? I’m still not very sure myself, but I believe I can do it. Mostly, I’ll give you examples of what’s going on in my life right now in order to you realize that we all go through the same things just in the different moments and with different people.”

I really do believe that. We all go through the same things in life and at the end of the day, that should motivate us to be nicer to one another.

I look forward to your comments. Do you also like these guys as much as I do?

Until next time,






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Blogging, Blogging, Blogging… My 8th assignment.

Hi all,

as we are approaching the end of the “101 Blogging” course, I am really glad that today’s assignment is to leave comments on at least 4 blogs that we’ve never commented on before.  

I decided to choose 4, so as my comments to be more meaningful. So below you will find link to my comments on 4 blogs. I really encourage you to explore these sites. For every one of them, I believe the same thing and obviously that’s the reason I chose them: Their owners are really interesting people. So as part of my blog title says, let me just paraphrase it and say that I encourage you to explore their world.  

P. S. : For some of them, you may not be able to see my comment when you will visit them. The comments need to be approved first by the owners.